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Silver Horizons continues to help as many seniors as possible, not only with free groceries that are home delivered or distributed via our Senior Food Markets, but perhaps more importantly, with our Household Bill Assistance and Minor Home Repairs programs.

During this unprecedented time of economic shutdown, lost wages, and increasing grocery costs, we are seeing more and more senior-led households struggling. About 40% of these households involve seniors raising their grandchildren. Now you have two generations struggling together. Our goal is to keep seniors, and their families, feeling safe and secure, and in their own homes. 


Most of the seniors we serve would say that without Silver Horizons they would not have enough food to eat. Many would say that without Silver Horizons they would have to leave their homes because of changing health needs that make their current home unsafe, or because they simply cannot afford their basic household expenses. 


Whole dollars only. System won't allow for cents.

Seniors are skipping meals in order to stretch their groceries. Other seniors are living in unsafe conditions (broken windows, doors that don’t lock, plumbing/water heaters that leak, etc.), while still other seniors find they cannot move around their homes now that they are using walkers or require a wheelchair. Even an uneven floor or set of three steps make a home unsafe or a place they cannot access if their wheelchair cannot fit through a doorway or up a few steps. 


Silver Horizons is building wheelchair ramps, installing grab bars, helping with repairs, and providing free groceries — all in an effort to help struggling, low-income seniors survive (and even enjoy a decent standard of living). 


Each day, Silver Horizons receives 60-80+ requests for help with important household bills. On several recent occasions, we have received nearly 150 telephone calls in a single day! We have received so many requests for help in the last few months that now we have a waiting list of seniors needing assistance. Please help us serve more seniors by making a donation today. 


Our focus is on helping seniors who typically can afford their household bills, but due to some unusual circumstances, are having difficulty paying one particular bill. Further screening takes place to ensure we are helping those who are truly in-need. However, we do not help those who are perpetually drowning in bills (living way beyond their means). We help with home repairs and retrofits if the senior cannot afford these projects. In all cases where Silver Horizons assists a senior with an important household bill, payment is sent directly to the provider or company, and not to the senior. 


In recent weeks, Silver Horizons has seen an increase not only in the numbers of requests for help, but also in the level of assistance that is needed. For example, a year ago (even six months ago), most requests for household bill assistance were for $100-$300 (on average). Today, requests are more in the $350-$900 range. 


The workforce at Silver Horizons includes about 75 volunteers each week. Your support will help many seniors who are facing the eventual likelihood of life without basic household services including water, electricity or gas. It is on behalf of these struggling seniors that we are genuinely grateful for your continued interest and participation in our services.


Please make a donation on this page…today. Or mail a check to: PO Box 6879, Albuquerque, NM 87197. As an local, independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Silver Horizons relies on the generous support of people like you.


For over 40 years, Silver Horizons has helped the community’s lowest-income seniors meet their basic needs, have access to nutrition, and maintain a decent standard of living in Albuquerque and throughout Central New Mexico. Donations made to Silver Horizons are tax-deductible as a charitable donation. Our organization’s Tax ID number is: 85-0279898.


There are many ways to support Silver Horizons’ mission: Donate your unwanted vehicle, make a one-time or ongoing credit card donation, shop our thrift store, or support Silver Horizons through your workplace giving program. Many employers offer annual workplace giving programs as a way for their dedicated employees to support the charity of their choice through a donation automatically deducted from their paycheck.


If you are a Federal or state employee, or you work for a corporation that provides a workplace giving program, we recommend speaking with your human resource manager or payroll department to see how you can designate your tax-deductible gift through your workplace. Don’t forget to ask if your company matches your gift. 


Silver Horizons is committed to protecting the privacy of every donor. Under no circumstances will we publish, sell, trade, rent or share confidential details with any outside party. Donors who wish to remain anonymous may contact us at 505.884.3881. All donations remain in New Mexico and support local seniors. Thank you for your donation!

Silver Horizons New Mexico, Inc.
P.O. Box 6879
Albuquerque, NM 87197-6879

An individual can designate a gift to Silver Horizons through all the United Way Campaigns in New Mexico and Arizona. You will need to know our legal name and address: Silver Horizons New Mexico, Inc., P.O. Box 6879, Albuquerque, NM 87197-6879.

DONATE YOUR VEHICLE: Click for More Information

State Employees Charity Campaign (SECC):
State employees can designate a gift to Silver Horizons New Mexico through the SECC. You will need to know our legal name and address which can be seen above.


Gifts to a permanent endowment for Silver Horizons can be made to:

The Ginger Grossetete Endowment Fund for Silver Horizons
c/o The Albuquerque Community Foundation
PO Box 25266
Albuquerque, NM 87125

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